Halal Ninja Your guide to halal investing


πŸ‘‹ Salam brothers & sisters,

You're probably wondering who's behind this site, and what the story is…

My name's Yazin. I've been really interested in Finance for almost 10 years now (despite having studied Software Engineering). Still, I didn't actually start investing in earnest until 2018 β€” in my early thirties.

I still remember how scary the whole investing thing was in the beginning! I'd setup an account with a broker in the US online, and went to the bank to transfer several thousand dollars to them to 'try things out'. Since then, alhamdulillah, I've been incredibly fortunate β€” and have been able to help myself, my family and my friends by introducing them to investing β€” all while learning it myself!

My biggest win by far was Tesla!

But β€” that ship has now sailed 🚒. Instead of just hoping to stumble upon the next $TSLA, I'm learning to value companies by analyzing their fundamentals β€” and making long term bets on those I have the greatest conviction in.

As I learn, I'm sharing everything here β€” in the hopes that it'll help you, my fellow brothers and sisters.

You can read more about my motivation to launch Halal Ninja in the Introduction!

All the best,

Yazin (a.k.a. Halal Ninja πŸ₯·)