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Why Should I Care About Investing?

If you're just starting out your investing journey, you may be wondering: what's all this fuss about investing? Why should I care? Is it even worth learning about, or is it just some esoteric activity fancy businessman take pleasure in?

Why Investing Matters

To me, investing serves one primary purpose: it gives me freedom.

By preserving my wealth, I can take greater ownership of my life. If I don't like my job, I can leave -- with the freedom to search for something better without worrying about how on Earth I'm going to make ends meet.

That's the beautiful thing about it: It turns a portion of your wealth today, into freedom tomorrow -- for you, and your family.

Why I'm Writing This

Investing is so underrated! It's one of the simplest things you can do disconnect your income from your job (to "make money while you sleep").

One of the best feelings I've experienced is teaching others about investing, especially my family. When I show my parents, siblings or friends how to grow their wealth -- and seeing their $5,000 turn into $6,000 -- that feeling is priceless! I helped them 'make' that $1,000! Oh, and I didn't lose a thing.

Wouldn't you want to share that with all your friends too -- especially your Muslim brothers and sisters!

To date, I've helped myself, my friends and my family make over $1m in profit!

Rarely does any branch of knowledge profit learners so directly, and in cold hard cash the way learning to invest does.

How Investing Works

Investing serves two primary purposes: it preserves your wealth, but also grows it.

Investing involves taking the extra money you have, and putting it to work in various things that will grow in value with time. These includes stocks, sukuk, commodities (like gold, silver, copper), cryptocurrencies — as well as other things like small business loans and real estate. Don't worry if you don't know what all these things mean — we'll get to them eventually!

You may be wondering: why pick various things, and not just one thing (ideally, the thing that gives us the most profit)? Well, it's because a core part of investing is managing risk. Each of the things ('assets') we mentioned have their own risk profile, and having many of them allows us to manage that risk (so that if one of them drops, the others don't necessarily drop too).

There's alot to cover that we'll get to in future posts, but I hope this has whet your appetite and got you interested in learning more about investing!